Mona Chahoury Charabaty – Beirut, Lebanon
Mona Chahoury Charabaty is a psychoanalyst, and a member of International Psychoanalytic Association. She is a training analyst in the training institute of the Lebanese Association for the Development of Psychoanalysis (Aldep). Mona teaches on the master’s degree course at the Université Saint-Joseph in Beirut, where she conducts seminars about borderline pathologies, interpretation and courants psychanalytiques.

Cristiana Cimino – Rome, Italy
Cristiana Cimino is a psychiatrist and psychoanalyst with a Freudian and Lacanian training. She is a full member of the Italian Psychoanalytic Society, SPI (IPA). She is also a member of the Institute of Advanced Studies in Psychoanalysis (ISAP) and a co-editor of the European Journal of Psychoanalysis. Cristiana has worked extensively on the thought of the psychoanalyst Elvio Fachinelli and has published several texts in specialised journals e.g. The International Journal of Psychoanalysis, La Rivista di Psicoanalisi, La Psicoanalisi, aut aut, The European Journal of Psychoanalysis and others.  She is the author of Il discorso amorosoDall’amore della madre al godimento femminile (Manifestolibri, 2015).

Kristina Forss – Gothenburg, Sweden
Kristina Forss is a psychotherapist, supervisor and teacher in psychotherapy in the psychoanalytic tradition. With additional competence in Jungian psychology, religion psychology and the theory of science. She runs her own private psychotherapy practice, and has worked in the public mental health care and social welfare sector since the 1980s.

John Gale – London, UK
John Gale is a philosopher and psychoanalyst, and the founder and President of the International Network of Psychotherapeutic Practice (INPP). Formerly a Benedictine monk, he lectured in philosophy and patristics before leaving the priesthood. He was a trustee and director of a number of organisations in the field of therapeutic communities and psychosis. He was Development Editor and Deputy Editor of the journal Therapeutic Communities for seven years, and is currently a member of its International Editorial Advisory Group. He is also a member of the reviewing panel of the British Journal of Psychotherapy and of the Scientific Committee of the journal Avances en Psicología Latineoamericana. John has edited a number of books including Insanity and Divinity: studies in psychosis and spirituality (Routlegde, 2008) and published around 30 papers in various academic journals including Studia Monastica, the European Journal of PsychoanalysisPsychoanalytic Psychotherapy, The British Journal of Psychotherapy, Critical Psychology, Organisational and Social Dynamics, Therapeutic Communities, Avances en Psicología Latineoamericana, the European Journal of Psychotherapy and Counselling, and Current Psychiatry Reviews. He has also participated in discussions at Pratiques psychanalytique, the Società Psicoanalitica Italiana, and the Federacíon Psicoanalítica de America Latina. He speaks regularly at conferences and has given papers at universities and institutes in the UK and abroad including the Centre for Psychoanalytic Studies at Essex University, the Freud museum London, Brunel University, and Paris VII. His interests span philosophy, psychoanalysis and spirituality, and the main references in his work include the notions of language, silence, tradition, absence, mysticism, madness, place and dwelling. Foremost literary references in his work are to Stoic and Neoplatonic writers and texts from Late Antiquity – e.g. Clement of Alexandria, the Apohthegmata Patrum, Evagrius Ponticus, Augustine – the work of Heidegger, Wittgenstein, Werner Jaeger, Pierre Hadot, Michel Foucault, Michel de Certeau, and the psychoanalytic theory of Jacques Lacan.

Gohar Homayounpour – Tehran, Iran
Gohar Homayounpour is an author and a psychoanalyst, member of the International Psychoanalytic Association, the American Psychoanalytic Association and The National Association for the advancement of Psychoanalysis. She is a training and supervising psychoanalyst of the Freudian Group of Tehran, of which she is founder and director, and a lecturer at Shahid Beheshti University. Gohar has published various psychoanalytic articles, including in the International and Canadian Journal of Psychoanalysis. Her book Doing Psychoanalysis in Tehran (MIT Press, 2012), won the Gradiva Award, and has been translated into French, German, Italian, and Turkish. She is a member of the scientific board at the Freud Museum in Vienna, a member of the IPA group Geographies of Psychoanalysis, and member of the Image Task Force, and the Translation group of the IPA.

Mario Elkin Ramírez – Medellin, Colombia
Mario Elkin Ramírez is a psychoanalyst. He studied sociology at the University Autónoma Latinoamericana, and philosophy at the University of Antioquia, Medellin Colombia. He completed two Master’s degrees one in Psychoanalytic Research (DSR) and the other one in Psychoanalysis and Freudian Field (DEA) at the University of Paris VIII. Mario also has a PhD in psychology from the University of Buenos Aires. He trained as a psychoanalyst in the Ecole de la Cause Freudienne in Paris, and in the Lacanian Orientation School in Buenos Aires. Mario currently teaches on the PhD course in psychoanalysis at the University of Antioquia and is the Director of the Master’s Degree in Psychoanalytic Research at the same University. He is member of the World Association of Psychoanalysis and of the New Lacanian School of Medellin. In addition to numerous journal articles and book chapters his publications include: Actualidad de La agresividad en psicoanálisis de Jacques Lacan (Gramma Ediciones 2010); Psicoanálisis con niños y dificultades en el aprendizaje (Gramma Ediciones 2012); El psicoanálisis y la investigación en la Universidad; and Despertar de la adolescencia. Freud y Lacan, lectores de Wedekind (Gramma Ediciones 2014).

Satish Reddy – New York, USA
Satish Reddy M.D. is a psychiatrist and psychoanalyst. He is a full member of the American Psychoanalytic Association and the International Psychoanalytic Association as well as a Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association and the American College of Physicians. He is board certified in Psychiatry and Internal Medicine. He is on the faculty of the Columbia University Center for Psychoanalytic Training and Research and is an Assistant Professor of Medicine & Psychiatry at Weill Medical College of Cornell University in New York. Satish is a member of the IPA Committee to the United Nations. His interests are in psychoanalysis and religion and has published several articles on the subject. They include: ‘Psychoanalytic Process in the Bhagavad Gita’, ‘Time in Hinduism’ and ‘Spiritual Conversion in the Bhagavad Gita’.

Lizaveta Zeldina – London, UK/St Petersburg, Russia
Lizaveta Zeldina is a clinical psychologist who teaches in the department for Theory of Psychoanalysis in the East-European Institute of Psychoanalysis. Curator in Freud’s Dreams Museum, she is also an editor of the online psychoanalytical journal Lacanalia dedicated to Freudian and Lacanian thought.

Books Review Editor

Adam Shechter – New York, USA
Adam is a psychotherapist working in private practice and at the Washington Square Institute in New York City. In addition to his background in social work and psychotherapy, he focuses on writing both as an author and editor. He is trained in the Modern Psychoanalytic School and is continuously exploring the various schools of thought, analytic and otherwise.

Editorial Assistants

Sanem Akkurk – Istanbul, Turkey

Dovina Dilu – Luton, UK

Asfa Azhar – Haripur, Pakistan


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